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Discover new high-quality users

Your product is mobile and so are your customers. With realzeit's mobile performance campaigns you are able to engage and discover new potential users. At realzeit we have developed a state-of-the-art deep learning algorithm that will identify quality users precisely and make them your customers. Our algorithm uses hundreds of features to optimize your campaigns. Additionally, using our interactive real-time dashboard you can use the gained insights to improve all of your marketing channels and grow your business.

Reactivate your customers

Do you want to reactivate dormant users, show new products to your customers, or bring former customers back? realzeit's mobile retargeting technology together with our advanced tracking solution (for Android and iOS) allow you to address your customers individually for effective retargeting campaigns. We offer you a retargeting solution for mobile web and in-app campaigns. Get full, transparent, and real-time information about where, how, and when your campaigns reached your customers.

Real traffic, real users

realzeit understands the problem of suspicious traffic and click fraud. We have integrated an advanced fraud detection and ad verification algorithm into the core of our system. At realzeit we are committed to full transparency and your brand integrity. Suspicious clicks will be reported and filtered out in order to aid you in spending your money most effectively. Click-bots and unintentional clicks will never lead to any valuable action, but they won't become a problem for you with realzeit.


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Physics meets advertising

The main aim of advertising is to understand the user in order to engage him according to his interests at the right time. However, this turns out to be rather difficult. User data is fragmented, noisy, and most of the time incomplete. Physics to the rescue!

Our data science team has a strong foundation in machine learning and statistical physics. The latest deep-learning algorithms and statistical models used in the research community power realzeit's decision engine. Our team has years of experience in discovering hidden signals in real-world problems.

Our scientific approaches help you make smarter decisions for your business.

physics meets advertising
fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

A high percentage of all clicks is either accidental or due to fraudulent behavior. Although it is commonly thought that fraud is "priced in", it is a huge problem for the industry. It drains away precious advertising money from the quality content that truly engages users.

realzeit has understood this problem and has at its core integrated fraud detection mechanisms. Additionally, highly advanced analytics are used to uncover the increasing amount of fraudulent behavior. We will prevent you from wasting your marketing budgets.

Cutting-edge technology

realzeit has a custom built technology tailored to the specific needs of mobile advertising. Our aim is to deliver you the best results. We only use the latest and most advanced technologies to achieve outstanding marketing performance in real-time.

cutting-edge technology



  • who we are

    Who we are

    realzeit is a young, tech-based company in the field of online marketing and real-time advertising. We provide an advanced service solution for programmatic buying and real-time optimizing with a focus on mobile devices and the goal to increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

  • what we do

    What we do

    In order to easily adjust to your specific needs, we use the latest technologies to create a reliable and customizable system. On top of this, we use advanced statistical and state-of-the-art deep-learning methods to focus, understand, and act upon user behavior. More than that, the whole system is based on a highly scalable infrastructure.

  • our mission

    Our mission

    We understand that fraudulent behavior becomes an increasingly large problem for advertisers and leads to a considerable waste of marketing budget. Our mission is to increase your ROI. Therefore, we focus strongly on identifying fraud to deliver only high-quality users. This is ensured by our user centric approach and fraud detection algorithm, which is integrated at the core of our technology.

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Our Founding Team

- meet the heads behind realzeit.

Christian Graf

Christian Graf

Christian is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started technology-driven ventures in various fields. If he is not currently pushing things forward, you can find him playing classical piano or hanging out at a climbing wall.

Markus Düttmann

Dr. Markus Düttmann

Whether it's physics, machine learning, or user targeting, Markus enjoys solving mathematical problems of all natures. Fraudsters look out, he will surely find you!

Heiko Schmidle

Dr. Heiko Schmidle

Heiko has an academic background and years of experience in real-time advertising. He loves machine learning, large scale computing, and all kinds of new technology.

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